Bluebird is a company that contributes to a better environment.

  1. Transportation Company which has the most amount of EV Charging Station.
  2. Adopted 2.200 CNG vehicle in 2001 which 75% more eco-friendly.
  3. Pioneer in adopting electric vehicles.
  4. Regular emission checking to all Bluebird fleets.
  5. Partnership with WWF.


Bluebird is a company that contributes to a greater quality education and society impact.


Bluebird educational care program which provides the scholarship to the children of Bluebird driver with high achievement in their school every 6 months. Since 1998, more than 35.000 children have been given this scholarship ranging from senior high school, diploma, and bachelor degree.

Kartini Bluebird

Social entrepreneurship program under Bluebird Peduli and intended to every woman in Indonesia, especially for housewives.

Kartini Bluebird participants will get end-to-end workshop and training to sustain this program continuity. The training consists of :


Bluebird builds Rumah Produksi Kartini Bluebird (Kartini Bluebird Workshop) which contains many learning facilities and production for the home industry in the field of convection and food.


Bluebird organizes training class such as sewing, knitting, bedding, cooking, and baking with experienced housewives as the trainer. Kartini Bluebird will also get to learn how to market their product and develop their business. Our experienced Bluebird employee will be the trainer for the marketing and business program.


To help Kartini Bluebird producing and marketing their product, Bluebird gives a soft loan program which funded from Bluebird itself or in partnership with the trusted third party. The return is not in the form of fund/money but in a form of the product.

Internal Activity


Bluebird is a company that run a sustainable business with good business governance.


  1. Collaborated with partnership to realise Multi-Channel Reservation & Multi-paymen transformation pillars.
  2. Running GCG
  3. Inauguration by sharing awards such as :
    • World Brading Award 2019 - Transportation Brand of The Year
    • MURI 2019: The First Electric Taxi Provider in Indonesia
    • MURI 2020: Taxi for Disabled Provider in Indonesia
    • IDC 2020: 2020 Digital Transformers
    • IDC 2021: 2021 Futures Enterprises of the year
    • METI: The Best and Fastest E-Mobility Commitment and Development


Bluebird’s support on the Sustainable Development Goals/SDGs is carried out through various initiatives integrated with various policies and operations carried out by the Company. In accordance with the transportation industry that is being run, Bluebird has contributed to several points that are relevant to the SDG.

Report 2020