Message from The Founder

Mrs. Mutiara Djokosoetono, SH

Founder of Bluebird Group

I started this business with 25 taxis. I still remember how happy & nervous I was when those 25 taxis arrived from Surabaya & went into my first depot. Since that, my business grew rapidly & I totally realized that this is all thanks to the support of my beloved sons who spared their precious time to pursue their medical studies. I also want to give my high appreciation to my tremendous employees who were with me for many years.

Working together like a big family, we have reached our first goal, where we were regarded and valued by both the government and private sector as first class transportation service company. I am sure that we will never lose this position as long as we can keep our culture of hardworking, honesty in and out, high discipline, respect to the customers, and keep striving to be the best.

Brigjen Pol (P) Dr. H. KRH Chandra Suharto, MBA, SpJp

Co-Founder of Bluebird Group

Our business was built on the dream of making everything better. Like the name, Blue Bird, that is inspired by the European folklore about a girl & a blue bird that endlessly try to reach happiness, our family has done the our best to reach our goals.

Along with the growing numbers of the family member and the educational cost that keeps rising, like a miracle, a business that started with only two taxis could thrive & grow. Of course integrity, hard work, discipline and family values supported the achievements. We always encourage every individual, despite the position, to always give our customers the best services. To always keep in touch with the changes of times, we strengthen our competency in all fields of businesses. We also realize that our success is a blessing from God and in order to pay it forward, we started Blue Bird Peduli program to help those who are less fortunate.