Going to Friday Prayer more Comfortable with Bluebird 30% discount up to IDR 20,000

Published On 25 Jan 2023

Period: 1 December 2022 – 30 April 2023 (Every Friday)

Terms and conditions:

  1. Promo is only valid in the MyBlueBird app
  2. Discount on 30% (Up to IDR 20.000) by entering promo code BSIKEMASJID (going to mosque) dan BSIDARIMASJID (from mosque)
  3. Promo is valid every Friday during the valid period
  4. Discount apply after the minimum transaction is met
  5. Promo can only be used for Bluebird and Silverbird services
  6. Valid 4 (four) times per month, per promo code, per MyBluebird account, throughout valid promo period
  7. Promo only applied for payment Hasanah Card Classic, Hasanah Card Gold, dan Hasanah Card Platinum di MyBluebird
  8. Valid for the purpose of going to the mosque:
    • Mosque Istiqlal, Jakarta Pusat
    • Mosque Agung Sunda Kelapa, Jakarta Pusat
    • Mosque Raya Pondok Indah, Jakarta Selatan
    • Mosque Keramat Luar Batang / Kumparan, Jakarta Utara
    • Mosque Jakarta Islamic Center, Jakarta Utara
    • Mosque Agung Al-Azhar, Jakarta Selatan
    • Mosque Cut Meutia, Jakarta Pusat
    • Mosque Agung At Tin, Jakarta Timur
    • Mosque Raya Bintaro Jaya Sektor 9, Tangerang Selatan
    • Mosque Raya Bani Umar, Tangerang Selatan
    • Mosque Darussalam Kota Wisata, Bogor
    • Mosque At-Tohir, Depok
    • Mosque Raya Bandung, Bandung
    • Mosque Agung Jawa Tengah, Semarang
    • Mosque Agung Al Akbar, Surabaya
    • Mosque Agung Sultan Badaruddin II, Palembang
    • Mosque Raya Al Mashun, Medan
    • Mosque Raya Makassar, Makassar

Applicable min. transactions that apply in each Bluebird operational area:

    • Bandung, Semarang, Makassar, Yogyakarta: IDR 20,000,-
    • Cilegon, Surabaya, Lombok, Manado, Palembang, Padang, Pekanbaru, Batam: IDR 15,000,-
    • Jakarta, Medan: IDR 25.000,-
    • Bali, Bangka Belitung: IDR 30,000,-
    • Silverbird Rp 75.000

To check the promo price simulation, click here

Additional Terms & Conditions:

  • Bluebird & BSI Bank reserves the right to change or stop the promotion at any time without prior notice.
  • Your access to or use of the promotion constitutes your agreement to comply with the terms, conditions and purposes of the promotion set forth by Bluebird and BSI Bank.
  • You will not abuse, duplicate, monetize, transfer, use for commercial purposes or take unfair advantage of this Promotion in any form or manner.
  • We may suspend your MyBluebird account temporarily or permanently without obtaining prior approval from or giving you prior notice, if:
    • Bluebird knows or with reasonable grounds to suspect that things have occurred which in Bluebird's view have or may harm Bluebird, Mandiri Bank, you or any other party.
    • Bluebird knows or reasonably suspects that you have registered or logged in to multiple Accounts on one device for the purpose of violating these Terms and Conditions, Privacy Policy or applicable laws and regulations.
    • Bluebird detects an inappropriate action from the use of your Account or an obligation under these Terms and Conditions, and/or the Privacy Policy that you have not complied with.

For information and inquiries contact:

WhatsApp Ask Bebi 08111 7941234
Phone: (021) 7971245


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