Silver Bird E-Class, Jakarta’s new icon

Silver Bird E-Class, Jakarta’s new icon

Published On 17 Jun 2009

The affordable luxury that embodies the essence of comfort, safety and the simplicity of a taxi for those who values priorities.

Jakarta, June 17th 2009 — The variety of Jakarta’s public transportation selection has received an addition by the presence of the new Silver Bird E-Class executive taxi units, which on this first day of the operation was launched officially by DKI Jakarta’s governor Dr.Ing.H. Fauzi Bowo.

Approximately 400 units of Mercedes-Benz E-Class series will roam Jakarta’s hustle and bustle business in stages starting from this June and exclusively will only be available in Jakarta area.

During the official launching event, DKI Jakarta governor Fauzi Bowo gave a comment regarding the public transportation facilities, “public transportation is synonymous to the dynamics and the improvement of the city itself. The moving transportation mode enhances accordingly to the growth of each period and supposedly becoming more capable of facilitating all the individuals needs and requires. We must move along together and think for the best effort in order to manifest it.

Responding the launch that day, ‘Bang Foke’-governor Fauzi Bowo’s nickname-also expressed his excitement and hope that the new Silver Bird E-Class will become a role model to other transportation providers to show their attention towards Jakarta and not just being a business player.

Enjoy Jakarta is a DKI Jakarta tourism program that Blue Bird Group has put on attention, which became a considerate in a decision to rejuvenate and to employ Mercedes-Benz E-Class as their new Silver Bird fleet.

Blue Bird Group is a company that grows and lives side by side with Jakarta. This company constantly supports government’s programs such as “Enjoy Jakarta” tourism program. The new fleet of Silver Bird E-Class which was launched today proudly announces its full support on this program.

Clearly stated by Dr. H. Purnomo Prawiro, CEO and President Director of Blue Bird Group who accompanies the Jakarta’s governor during the event, “Our Silver Bird E-Class fleet is the best among its class. Not only from the selection of car type that has already acknowledged well for its comfort and safety, but also the capability of the man behind the steering wheel. They have been trained specially by Mercedes-Benz to enhance and to improve their technical knowledge of the car, given the communication skills in English and also the knowledge of Jakarta area including the tourism destinations. Moreover, as a form in supporting the Enjoy Jakarta program, we patch the stickers of Enjoy Jakarta on the side of the cars and places tourism brochures as well as the Jakarta map inside the car. We have been cooperating along with the Tourism Board in terms of this.”

Regarding the value of investment in the provisions of these new units, dr. H. Purnomo said, “We received a special facility from Mercedes-Benz on per unit price. However, it will not affect the vehicle’s facilities and standardization, including the after sales services. Whilst for the investment, there are a number of variables that should be calculated regarding the human capital founding and its divisions up to the vehicle maintenance in the Mercedes-Benz standardized workshop.

The 400 Silver Bird E-Class are exclusive taxi fleet which provides extra features that has been adjusted to the consumer’s needs. Electronic Data Capture, the program that enables the customer to pay with credit card, and the GPS system to control and watch over the position of the car in order to maintain the passenger’s safety is two of taxi premium features that implemented in the Silver Bird E-Class fleet.

Commercial Director of Blue Bird Group, Noni Purnomo, during the event explains that “The market in this segment is unique. They are the individuals that desire simplicity, that what encourages them to choose the public transportation, however they constantly also require a privacy with a personal space that provides them with comfort, safety and the luxury of a personal service.”

Noni also stated that, “As if the metropolitan city, public transportation has become a barometer of improvement, and Jakarta has its own public transportation that equals to other big cities around the world. The improvement of technology which is implemented inside a premium service of a public transportation, Silver Bird is the only taxi service that is able to provide it.”

Similar to other fleets of Blue Bird Group, Silver Bird is also available via call centre or by accessing

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