Blue Bird Group being the biggest and the most trusted taxi company in the nation, according to Ms. Cinta Laura Kiehl, a very talented artist and a student in Columbia University, New York USA. She also has mentioned that Blue Bird Group should be able to be number one in every business that they have entered.

“It is very important for Blue Bird Fleet to be very clean and very well maintained, therefore everything will be well functioning and the engine will not polluting the environment. Ms. Cinta Laura is very careless about the brand of the car, well maintenance car is far more important than a premier brand; therefore we as the passenger will be very comfortable inside the car. Best quality of the service and well maintained engine performance shows the quality of well known brand who has already implemented a blackberry application. That application is Very Cool!”….. Refers her proudly.

According to a singer and an international actress, a taxi should have a price rate meter therefore the driver will not trick a passenger with their own rate. Now a days, there are a lot of naughty driver who like to cheat their own passenger, just like several non Blue Bird taxi found in Denpasar Bali. Sometimes, riding taxi from Kuta to Seminyak with a distance of only 2 Km, a naughty driver would charge their customer with unconditional rate. Therefore, parents and Cinta Laura always look for a Blue Bird taxi and will never find any other than Blue Bird taxi. According to an artist whose famous with her statement, “Ujhan – Ujhan…, Becheck,…. Naik Ojheck.”

Not only an honest factor from the driver that gives her a reason to always chooses Blue Bird Group every where she travel around Indonesia. Cleanliness also plays an important factor in deciding her ride. “The driver of the taxi should also be very neat and clean with shave beard as well as polite, therefore we as the passenger will feel very save while riding the cab. You can’t imagine when you enter the cab, you find the driver very dirty and rude.” Says her theoretically.

Traveling to a certain destination, Cinta Laura prefers riding a cab rather than using her own car. Because riding a cab is a very practical and a very economical way of reaching certain destinations.
“We do not have to be busy driving our own car and looking for a parking spaces. Especially in Indonesia, the rate of the taxi is still reasonable comparing to a taxi rate in other countries. Price comparison for Indonesia are still much reasonable comparing to other countries, therefore when traveling to a short distance location, taxi is still her favorite pick.

Cinta Laura and her family have had a bad experience in riding a cab. Not in Indonesia, but they had a bad experience in Uncle Sam’s place, the USA. The story goes like this, when the entire family member arrived in New York, they choose a cab for their transportation from John F Kennedy Airport to the hotel. In the middle of the way the driver say that the destination are not far from that location, therefore the driver suggest them to get out of the car.

“Slightly the Hotel destination can be seen from that area, therefore her dad was obeying the driver. It was their first time visiting New York City. What actually had happened was, they have to cross 3 main streets in order to reach their destination. It was very far and they were very exhausted. Especially at that time they have to carry so many things with them when crossing the main road.” Complain her to Mutiara Biru Magazine when meeting her at the Hollywood movie shooting area when shooting the Philosopher. The Philosopher has been produced with SCTV of Indonesia, which consist of several International film stars. The movie can be watched internationally with a premier date of August 2011.
Those are the reason why she always tells all of the movie crew to always use Blue Bird taxi while traveling around Jakarta.

She also added that their entire family is much related to Blue Bird taxi since several years back. That happened since her dad used to be the General Manager of Grand Hyatt Hotel. Where as Blue bird Group are the transportation partner of the hotel. “From long time ago up until now, I am always using Blue Bird taxi, I am scare of using other taxi than Blue Bird taxi. I have tried almost the entire Blue Bird Group product from Blue Bird regular taxi, executive taxi, up until the Big Bird busses. Blue Bird Group are the most trusted transportation company in the nation that is why almost every international school are using Blue Bird group product, including my school the Jakarta International School. They always says to ‘only use Blue Bird taxi because it is a trustworthy taxi company,’ conclude her without having a thought of promoting the company.

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