From Blue Bird Group for the Indonesian Heritage As part of Blue Bird Group’s commitment to “Performance and Service Enhancement Year”, the company has launched a new uniform for the drivers. Designed in batik decoration, this new look is meant to be a symbol of service excellence quality improvement.

The forefront of land transportation services, taxi has been a nation’s first impression. This notion is not only to the extent of quality vehicles, the drivers as the first person who encounter and interact with passengers are considered to be ambassadors of friendliness, safety, comfort, and values, especially in the Eastern culture.

As stated by President Director of Blue Bird Group, dr. H. Purnomo Prawiro in his opening speech, “Affirming an identity is not an easy matter. It must be able to reflect a comprehensive rationalization, a merger between vision and mission, as well as hope and promise that is expected by the public and our customers.” Purnomo hopes that the drivers can understand the philosophical value in Batik and make it a credo to run their daily job.

A similar perspective is also shared by Drs. Tjetjep Suparman, M. Si, Director General of Cultural Values, Art and Film, Ministry of Culture and Tourism Republic of Indonesia.

“Taxis are actors in the land transportation industry that can support economic growth in a city or country at large. Not only on the amount of labor enforcement, but also on the impact that it provides. Just ignore the negative sides; it’s the responsibility of many parties. But it definitely gives a positive value because it supports the mobility of people who live in it, turning the wheels of the economy from the income distribution effects to the communication channel that supports other industries such as tourism.”

In tourism, Tjetjep stated, ensuring hospitality, safety, and comfort assurance are a must to be competitive in global tourism competition. These things will make tourists and travelers’ perception of a country stretches more than just a tourism destination.

Within the scope of the back seat of a taxi, all three of these will be felt by those who use it as a transportation service. Especially foreign passengers with language barriers, physical appearance became one of the things that must be considered.

This Batik uniform launching was also Blue Bird Group contribution to liven up the celebration of the National Batik Month in October.

“As a good citizen and also an Indonesian company that became a role model for other industry players, we felt responsible and obligate to continuously support government program in addition to respect and protect Indonesia’s cultural assets, one of which is Batik,” said Noni Purnomo, Vice President of Business Development Blue Bird Group.
BATIK for Blue Bird Group has a comprehensive meaning that represents all the company’s efforts to achieve customer satisfaction and company goals – B, Behaving in Honor, A – Assurance of Safety and Comfort, T – Truthful Smile, I – Implementing the traffic regulations and K – Keeping the Customer Satisfy.

Pride for the UNESCO recognition on a non-object Indonesian inheritance in 2009 should not only be enjoyed as a gift. But more than that, it must be interpreted in the effort to preservation. This statement is spoken by Mrs. Jultin Ginandjar Kartasasmita, Chairman of Indonesian Batik Foundation, which kindly considers the efforts of Blue Bird Group as a real step to the participation and contribution that are not limited to discourse on the presence of batik.
Same avowal expressed by Noni, that in order to meet the uniform needs of more than 25,000 drivers, Blue Bird Group took more than twelve months until its launching in October.

“As a 100% Indonesian company, this is our effort to help preserved the nation’s cultural wealth, a property right of Indonesia which becomes the world’s cultural heritage,” said Noni.

The event is also enlivened by exciting activities such as Batik Airbrush Exhibition and a photo competition open to the media and the public. This photo competition is Blue Bird Group support for photography enthusiasts who wish to participate directly in the launch of Blue Bird Batik uniforms and also helped to commemorate the National Batik Day.

Blue Bird also features three of its cabs which have been painted in airbrush with batik decoration in the court of the Museum of History. Aside from being the object for photo competition, these taxis are also displaying the skills of the airbrush artists supported by Blue Bird as one of its appreciation to the collaboration of batik and modern art. Blue Bird also supports an art community in Jakarta with batik mural art activities at some spots in Jakarta to rejoice the National Batik Month this October. Results of some mural art are displayed on the slide show at the launching event.

“Blue Bird Group hopes that this new identity will bring a fresh spirit for the company to continue enhancing services and to arouse the public to actively preserve the national culture,” said Noni.

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