Jakarta, March 26th 2011. Transportation Service Company well known by the name of the Blue Bird Group has been recognized as the safest public transportation services by the Defense Department of the United States.  Since then, the Defense Department has recommended all foreigners; especially the one came from United States to always use Blue Bird taxi while traveling around in cities of Indonesia.

The compliment has been mentioned by the Head of Defense at the US Embassy Force Protection Detachment / FPD, Mr. Scott M Bernat. He mentioned his feeling while delivering the Certificate of Commendation to the President Director of Blue Bird Group, dr H. Purnomo Prawiro at the Head Quarter Office of Blue Bird Group located at Jalan Mampang Prapatan, South of Jakarta, on Saturday (March 26th 2011).

The US Embassy Force Protection Detachment (FPD) is responsible for the safety and security of all US citizens, they primarily looking after for those officers within the US Department of Defense who’s visiting or working in Indonesia. During these times, Blue Bird Group has been carrying out the task accordingly. Therefore, he mentioned delightfully that “I have given a full recommendation to the US citizen, to always hitch a Blue Bird Taxi every where they travel; whether they only visiting the country or working as expatriate in Indonesia.”

Scot M Bernat rephrased that around one year previously, the Ambassador of United States for Indonesia, Scott Marciel has read an article in Jakarta Post about Blue Bird Group. The article was about how to give a secure feeling to the entire passenger by the title of “Keeping Passenger Save”. Since that moment on, he has always looks after those services that have been given out by the driver of Blue Bird Group. Up until the present time, he is still confirming that Blue Bird Group is still showing their best effort for their entire customers.

Further more Scot M Bernat illustrated that Indonesia is a huge and beautiful country. He rephrased that “Every US citizen are very familiar with Bali, but not every one familiar with Jakarta, Lombok, Medan, and as well as other nice places within the country. I always recommend them to ride the Blue Bird Taxi while visiting those cities. For me, Blue Bird’s commitment to be the safest transportation is very interesting. Besides boosting the promotion of Indonesia, the commitment to be the safest transportation is also boosting the promotion of the company it self, so every one from US will not be hesitate to plan a visit to Indonesia. Furthermore, we really appreciate all of those services that have been given out all through these days”. Says Bernat surely.

He clarify additionally that all of the confusion which often be seen through the international media are not always reflecting the actual situation in Indonesia. “All through these years, my self and the family feel very safe when traveling around everywhere within the country. What the international media are showing is really reflecting the opposite of what is really happening currently in Indonesia. Therefore, presenting the “Certificate of Commendation” is really constitutes our resemblance of appreciation. The certificate is directed especially to all of the drivers whom all through these days have been giving their best effort in servicing all of their customers, by not forgetting safety as their top priority. Our appreciation to Blue Bird Group is really comes from the heart without having anyone granted us with money. This appreciation is really worth more than cash,” Says Bernat.

Meanwhile the President Director of Blue Bird Group, dr. H. Purnomo Prawiro on the same occasion has convey that around a couple of years ago, the ambassador’s daughter was riding a Blue Bird taxi, and she had left her wallet in side the cab. After a few while the wallet was returned by the driver. Because of that, Blue Bird has received a letter from the Embassy of United States which was stated that Blue Bird Group has been one of the most honest land transportation companies within the country. “This reward proofed that Blue Bird Group is not only recognized as the most trusted transportation services company in Indonesia, but Blue Bird Group has also been well known out side of the country. This condition has made all of us very proud, proud as part of the Blue Bird Group family and also proud as part of the Indonesian citizen. As a 100% Indonesian company, what we have been doing all through these times is actually has made some achievements and recognitions from overseas. It is about time that we have to be grateful and always struggle for showing out our best services for all of our internal and external customers, whether it is Indonesian customers or international customers who are willing to visit the country. Now let us maintain our reputation and our value by giving out our best services.” Announced dr. H. Prawiro enthusiastically.

A glance about Blue Bird Group

Began with only 25 units of fleet, Blue Bird Group has grown through good and bad times. The businesses have been developed and have overshadowed by more than 20,000 units of fleet from different kind of types and brands. The company has been employed by more than 30,000 workers.

In the 39 years old of age, Blue Bird Group has been serving the entire country with a total number of passengers exceeding 7 million people. Many different type of awards from many different type of institutions have been achieved by the company. Those awards are an evidence of achievements on the performance of the corporation, the leadership of the drivers as well as the leadership of the whole employees. Up until now, Blue Bird Group has been receiving more than 60 different awards entirely.

The Blue Bird Group’s wide range of services are include several different spectrum of fleets from the regular fleets by the name of Blue Bird and Pusaka; executive fleets by the name of Silver Bird; rental fleets by the name of Golden Bird and Pusaka Prima Transport; Bus charter by the name of Big Bird; up until container trucking services by the name of Iron Bird Transport.

Maintaining its quality standard for Continuous Primary Services, is a key success factor for a good reputation of the entire company. The company has always been equipped with a slogan of services known by the name of ANDAL, with the definition of Aman (Safety), Nyaman (Comfort-ness), MuDAh (Easy), and PersonALise (Personalize). The slogan has transformed Blue Bird Group to be the most trusted and reliable partner within the transportation businesses in the country.

Supreme quality of services from the Blue Bird Group can be found in several different cities in Indonesia. Those cities are: Banten, JABODETABEK (Jakarta-Bogor-Depok-Tangerang-Bekasi), Bandung, Semarang, Jogjakarta, Surabaya, Bali, Lombok, and Manado, last but not least is Medan, the latest branch that the company has just opened in November 2010.

Besides in passenger transportation businesses, Blue Bird Group has diversified its business to several other related industries; such as logistic and freight forwarding services by the name of Iron Bird Transport, global freight management by the name of the Ocean Air, warehousing by the name of Ritra Konnas Freight Center. Industrial services of bus body manufacturing by the name of Restu Ibu Pusaka and manufacturing of fire truck body by the name of Ziegler Indonesia. Blue Bird Group also has diversified its business to property sector and has been known by the name of Holiday Inn Resort located at Lombok, Nusa Tenggara. It’s supporting services well known by the name of Hermis Consulting which involve in the SAP implementation and IT security. Blue Bird Group’s e-payment solution service has been operated by the name of Pusaka Integritas Mandiri. Last but not least, the Global Pusaka Solution has been established especially to manage the GPS tracking and dispatching system.

Blue Bird Group has a vision to be a sustainable, quality-driven company that ensures the continuing prosperity of all its stakeholders.

Whereas our Mission is to achieve customer satisfaction, as well as to build and defend the first position as market leader in every category in which we compete. In land transportation, Blue Bird Group always provide reliable, high quality and superior services with the efficient use of resources; and to achieve that we always belief in doing it as a team.

In the land transportation sector, Blue Bird Group provide a reliable services with a supreme and trusted quality by utilizing all of their resources and using it as efficient as possible. We always belief in achieving our target under one solid unit of team work.

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