In order to support the Visit Medan of Year 2012, the Government of Medan through the Authority of the Cultural and Tourism Affair for the city of Medan has organized an event called the Medan Tourism Award of 2011.  To determine the winner for this award, the Government for the City of Medan has appointed 5 judges derived from local Universities, tourism observers, as well as from the heritage and cultural activist.

During the beginning year of its operation, Blue Bird Taxi of Medan represented by the General Manager of Medan Depot, Mr. Robert Purba receiver the Award for the Best Public Transportation Service in the Medan Tourism Award 2011.  The Award of the achievement also been called as the Keris Panglima Award (The Kris Dagger -Commander Award).

According to the Mayor of Medan, Mr. Rahudman Harahap, the name of the award has been given based on the awareness of the strength of the kris dagger that have been used by most tribe in Indonesia, including every ethnic living in the city of Medan.

This award has also been given as the source of motivation for the entire parties to jointly win the competition of the tourism market which has been intensely stringent in the cities of Southeast Asia.  The award took place at the Garuda Plaza Hotel’s Ballroom, Medan on Monday (12/19), this award also had been attended by House Representative for the City of Medan, Government Tourism Officials, and several other institutions besides the award recipient.

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