Nissan Almera will strengthen the fleet of Blue Bird taxis on the streets of Jakarta. Nissan and Blue Bird Group are confident that the car will further enhance the riding experience of Blue Bird customers. Nissan Almera delivers luxury through the creation of space to embrace and pamper the passengers. It boasts the most spacious cabin in its class, compared to other sedan-taxis, with superior headroom (front: 1,011 mm; rear: 9,296 mm) and legroom (front: 595.5 mm; rear: 636 mm) for six-footer to stretch out and relax comfortably while listening to his/her favorite music on a smart phone that can be attached to the USB connection on the center console. Moreover, the

compartment luggage is more spacious than other sedan-taxis with the capacity of 490 L.

Takayuki Kimura, President Director of NMI & Regional Vice President for Asia & Oceania explains, “As a reliable company that brings innovative products and has strong infrastructure in Indonesia, Nissan has the competitive edge to provide attractive business to business services and committed to it. In this partnership, Nissan is committed to support Blue Bird Group.”


Dr. H. Purnomo Prawiro, President Director of Blue Bird Group says, “As a long-established transportation company in Indonesia, Blue Bird Group strives to bring top-notch services to satisfy our customers. That is why we are confident in our choice of Nissan Almera and partnership with Nissan Motor Indonesia. We believe NMI is the right partner to realize our mission to be a reliable, trusted transportation company and the pride of Indonesia.”

Blue Bird Group is a leading transportation company that has received more than 60 awards from several institutions, such as Best Tourism Public Transportation from Ministry of Transportation, Best Driver for Public Transportation from DKI Jaya Driver’s Award, Safest Public Transportation in Indonesia recommended by Defense Department of USA, etc. Moreover, it has the largest network in the field hence Nissan is proud to bring added value for Blue Bird Group as a highly reputable company.

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