Jeremi Tety owed his life-literally-to Blue Bird taxi driver Kurnia Ahmad. As a reporter for national television channel SCTV, Tety runs a hectic daily schedule that doesn’t help much with his diabetic problem. In between his commuting routines, Tety had passed out three times and all three incidents happened to be while he was on board with a Blue Bird taxi.

‘Blue Bird had saved my life three times already,’ Tety said. ‘During the first two occurrences, I managed to keep my strength by chewing on some candy. The third and last incident, however, was happened some time ago and was by far the most terrifying one.’

One morning after the conclusion of a great Jakarta flood in February 2007, Tety had just finished preparing his Panorama Pagi’s reportage and called on a Blue Bird taxi to head home to Tangerang. Feeling that his condition wasn’t too good, Tety had asked the taxi driver to take him to a hospital in Tangerang and headed straight to an emergency room

Tety’s intuition proved to be right. ‘I passed out inside the taxi and the moment I came to, I was already in a hospital ward on opname,’ Tety said.

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