The pace of Indonesian women in several different field has became an attention to 2011 Miss Universe of Indonesia.  Ms. Maria has just been elected this month (October 2011).  21 years old lady with a polite manner has expressed her feelings about Blue Bird Group’s women taxi driver. “I feel that having a women taxi driver is very good.  Because it needs a special skill in driving a car, besides being a taxi driver is not just driving their passenger, they also have to be a city guide for their passengers.  This could be one of an alternative for women’s job,” according to her happily.

Her expression of answering questions reflected her intelligence; this can be seen from interviewing her.   It resembles her ability of winning Miss Universe of Indonesia 2011.  She also has answers the Mutiara Biru’s magazine accordingly.

Talking about transportation management, a lady graduated from School of business and management Institute Technology Bandung (ITB) belief that transportation deals with comfort and on time manner for its consumers. “All of these should be done consistently.  Therefore it will create it’s own consumer’s loyalty.  Besides, maintaining good relationship between company and it’s frontliners, such as drivers and customer service people is the most critical issue in maintaining it’s customers.  They are the people that interact with consumers.  I used to take business course therefore I understood laughingly,” according to her.

She continued, good relationship will also maintain drivers to be loyal. “As far as I known of, it is difficult to find a loyal taxi drivers.  Most of the time, they love to move around to find their comfort zone.  Probably it is not applicable for Blue Bird Group’s taxi drivers,” Says her.

When it talks about safety Blue Bird is the most recommended taxi for a lady with height of 176 cm. “I have my own bad experience with other cab.  The driver did not want to follow my direction; he kept on going with his own direction.  I hate it!  In Jakarta I always used blue Bird taxi, not others beside it, because of the safety reason.  Too bad in other city such as Semarang and Bandung as well as other cities around Indonesia there are very limited quantity of blue Bird taxi.  Therefore it is kind of difficult when riding a cab.  I belief that Blue Bird needs to increase their fleet quantity in several different area around Indonesia.  Therefore is it easier to find,” suggest the Winner of 2011 Miss Universe of Indonesia that comes from Central of Java Province conclude the conversation.

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