Located at Hotel Mulia , Jakarta , 7 November 2013, Tony Andrianto as Senior Manager of Corporate Image of Blue Bird Group received an awards from the Digital Marketing Award for the best website in Indonesian car rental.

Website www.bluebirdgroup.com with a score of 3.75 ( max 5 ) is considered as the highest score of four competitors. Digital Marketing Award was initiated by Marketing Magazine is a special award for brands that obtain good performance and play an active role in the digital world .

Assessment is based on a survey of 300 analysts who have the capability to assess the performance of the website . The observer is comprised of professional / employees ( 40 % ) , students ( 30 % ) , and journalists ( 30 % ) , conduct an evaluation based on six criteria , namely content , context , community , customization , commerce , and connection .

The award held by Marketing Magazine in cooperation with Survey One is a pride for the Blue Bird Group. You can also participate in social networking of Blue Bird Group following :



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