Every two years MARKETING magazine in cooperation with Carre (Center For Customer Satisfaction & Loyalty) a market research institute that researches customer satisfaction hosted the 2009 Call Center Awards at Balai Sarbini, Jakarta on February 12th 2009.

According to Carre CEO Yuliana Agung, award candidates are evaluated through a study of the Call Center Service Excellence Index (CCSI) using 3 Key Performance Indicators (KPI) namely, Access, System & Procedure, and People. Areas linked to this includes, call waiting time, number of incoming calls that are unanswered and the utilization of technology and computerization to ensure faster service and greater accuracy.

For this year, Blue Bird achieved score of 88.000 percent for access, 69.358 percent for System and Procedure and 74.115 percent for People resulting in a total index of 74.115. Silver Bird was not far behind with 91.833 for Access, 68.682 for System and Procedure and 68.708 for People, resulting in an overall index of 73.325. The scores achieved by Silver Bird and Blue Bird were above two other taxi companies that were declared GOOD!

From the internal perspective, Vice President for Central Operations Mr. Sigit Priawan Djokosoetono, explained that Blue Bird continues to focus its commitment on service, including the call center and customer care with its 12,000 taxis serving hundreds of thousands of customers daily. The role of the Call Center is very important within customer service. The speed with which a taxi can be ordered and with which complaints can be handled raises the level of customer’s trust and this has becomes an important factor in increasing sales. This is what sets Blue Bird Group apart from its competitors.

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