Safety is Number One! When you’re on the road, make sure safety is on the run, because accident can happen anywhere and to anyone. Not only traffic accidents, danger on the road may happen because erratic weather, heavy rain and storm that toppled trees or other objects near the streets. Especially in Jakarta, puddles and flooding streets are a common view when the rainy season comes and they are nightmares for the city’s travelers.

Concerned for safety problems, Jakarta International School (JIS) and the Blue Bird Group held an “Emergency Drill” for Big Bird drivers, particularly those serving shuttle school children. This simulation took place in the field Campus Parking JIS, South Jakarta, Wednesday (10/11) and given to the drivers in order to complete the previous training.

Bus Emergency Drill demonstrates how and what could the drivers and chaperones do in case of emergency such as evacuating passengers when accident occurred on the bus, or giving first aid to accident victims.

The simulation of evacuation was done by breaking the glass windows from inside and outside. Evacuation from within the car is done by using a special window-breaker hammer, while from the outside by way of using any objects available on hand.

The evacuation scene was also performed by utilizing the Roof Emergency Door and hatchback on the bus. This activity was conducted in a state of full-passenger bus so as to resemble the real situation. Finally, a fire-handling simulation using a portable fire-extinguisher from the bus wrapped up the event.

The Bus Emergency Drill hopefully can hone the ability of drivers and chaperones in responding to and handling accidents, as well as increasing the JIS academic community’s awareness to always be alert to everything that might happen on the trip. Supported with these know ledges, the drivers are also expected to assist and help others who get an accident or those who suffer from natural disasters.

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