Blue Bird Group has once again demonstrated its dominance in the field of Information Technology (IT) as a land transportation company, by garnering the 2008 E-Company Award in an event hosted by Warta Ekonomi Magazine on Sept. 11, 2008, in Jakarta. Although, in fact the company took second place as runner up, in the field of land transportation, Blue Bird Group (BBG) really took first position as first prize went to an airline company.

The Backbone of the Company

How far has the role of IT penetrated BBG? According to Mrs. Noni S.A. Purnomo, a leader of the Group’s Business Development and IT Management Division and also the company’s Vice President. Now, the role of IT in the company is more strategic, in fact, it is now the backbone of the company. IT is supporting the company’s operations every single moment. Without the support of IT, it would be nearly impossible to manage its 17,000 vehicles and 23,000 employees spreading throughout various major cities in Indonesia.

To date, almost all of its divisions have been served by IT Department, starting from reservations and operations division, which organizes the drivers and vehicles schedules, up to the administration and finance division. “In particular for the reservation division, IT is essential to ensure faster service while at the same time maintaining its accurate records. Without IT division it would be very difficult to manage BBG operations throughout Indonesia,” said Mrs. Purnomo.

This year, as a spin-off from the implementation of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) at BBG, the company is implementing Business Intelligent (BI) to help to analyze all of its Key Performance Indicators (KPI).  Besides, Business Intelligent would also help the company to measure the progress in the goals that have been set.

In using Business Intelligent, the top management can monitor and can analyze the company’s operations right from their desktop!

It doesn’t stop there. Innovation in the field of IT will be continuously implemented to improve company’s performance. In the reservation’s division the system has been upgraded to improve its efficiency in receiving orders and distributing the orders to the vehicles on the road. The system of reserving a taxi via SMS has been an improvement made by IT division and part of an additional service. Now customers can get the taxi vehicle numbers after ordering it via SMS. The application of IT and its innovative use will help Blue Bird Group achieving its greater target to provide a safe, convenient, easy to access and personalized services.

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