Disaster after disaster has been tearing Indonesia apart, from floods in Wasior Papua, to tsunami in Mentawai West Sumatera, to the volcano eruption of Merapi, causing devastation in both physical and emotional.

Indonesia is sorrowful, and so does Blue Bird Group. And we determined to help alleviate the suffering of the disasters’ victims by giving land transportation assistance to distribute logistics to the survivals, as well as transporting volunteers and evacuation act around Merapi, Yogyakarta. Means of transportation is very important in disaster area mainly to expedite distribution of aid from the benefactors.

Under the flag of Blue Bird Peduli, Blue Bird Group helps the survivors of Merapi in cooperation with several institutions, including NGOs Pos Langsat and TV ONE. This humanitarian act is using a fleet of Big Bird that has been modified to maximize its function to transport goods such as foodstuffs, blankets and other logistical needs of the refugee to the outposts in Yogyakarta and surrounding areas. The Big Bird fleet used here are the flexible minivan so that they can easily reach the outposts on rural areas.

The aid delivery is done simultaneously, starting from Saturday (6 / 11) and Monday (8 / 11) from Post Langsat, Kebayoran Baru, as well as on Tuesday night (9 / 11) from TVONE, Pulogadung, Jakarta.

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