Palembang, October 20th 2011. Blue Bird Group regular taxi has finally arrived in the city of Srivijaya.  The launching of regular taxi with Blue Bird logo took place in the Government Office of Palembang, the event was started with breaking a traditional jug and releasing baloons up in the air by the mayor of the city of Palembang,  Mr. Eddy Santana Putra, MT along with the rest of the related officers on Thursday (October 20th 2011).  Following this event, the Mayor, Mr. Eddy Santana Putra, MT and the rest of the team was test driving the Blue Bird fleets by traveling around the city.

The arrival of Blue Bird Taxi in Palembang not only coloring the transportation mode especially in taxi industry, but also cheers the preparation of the 26th Asean Games that will be held in the city on November 2011.  According to the explanation of Blue Bird Group’s representative Director, Mr. Andre Djokosoetono on his opening speech, he was saying that “For this launching event, Blue Bird Group will launch 50 unit of its fleets, and will be increasing up to 100 unit of fleets in short period of time.  Currently the team is still preparing to start up its Human Resources Department and also the other supporting infrastructures.  Our establishment in the city is really related to support the up coming event, the 26th Asean Games and also to support the transportation facilities within the city, therefore people transportation’s needs will be up to date, therefore for will ease the local people and tourism activities.”

Based on company’s motto of  services known by the name of ANDAL, which defines as Aman (Safety), Nyaman (Comfortness), muDah(Ease), and personaLize (Personalizehas transformed Blue Bird Group to be a company that always ready to give their full performance in serving it’s customers around the city where they exist and also for their new location in Palembang.

During its day to day operation, Blue Bird Palembang taksi are always using meter rate to charge their customers.  The new fleets are full with new interior design, air condition, and supported with high trained selected drivers.  Blue Bird taxi services can be found on the road, cab stands around the city, and public services area (Such as airport, train station, offices, and also shopping centers around the town).  People can also order the cab through our 24-hour customer service hotline at 0711 – 361111.

In order to be a professional Blue Bird Group taxi drivers with high service quality standard, there are several steps that they have to go through.  Starting from the recruitment, in house training, until continuous monitoring and evaluation.

Besides having a technical training (such as services standard, defensive driving, ect), Blue Bird Group’s driver also have given a spiritual knowledge to understand the meaning of working with full concentration accordingly.  This spiritual knowledge has been a moral demand which links to the company’s fundamental culture of: Honesty, Hard work, discipline, and kinship.  “Drivers are expected to be understood more clearly and finish their job more completely in a timely manner.  Their working behavior will affect both their live in this world and their after live,” explained Mr. Djokosoetono.

As a reciprocal for the front liners, especially the drivers, company is giving their full attention on their prosperity.  Besides having commission and bonuses, several facilities and infrastructure will be given by the company for the drivers. Those facilities are: drivers’ dormitory lodging for those who live far away from pool station, and family facilities such as medical check, soft loan, vehicle facilities (motorcycle), houses, children scholarship, until pilgrimage traveling.

Service tradition that have been implemented in Blue Bird Group embraces a “Servant Leadership,” which means that higher level will have to take care of more people than the lower level.  According to those embraces, Blue Bird Group has treated their drivers as the internal customers that have to be taking care of by the management.  At the end the drivers are the one who will give their best effort to the customers.

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