Blue Bird group is proud to announce its latest service of reliable transportation. Launching in Monday (1/11), 100 units of regular Blue Bird taxis are now available to serve the needs of customers in Medan.

The ceremonial event itself was held in Blue Bird Group depot, Jl. Captain Muslims No. 92 Sei Goat Medan, and was attended by Vice President Operation Blue Bird Group, Heri Dasril; General Manager Medan Depot, Robert Purba, and representatives of government officials and community leaders around the depot.

Management and the drivers of Medan depot have also delivered food packages to communities around the depot and the drivers of Betor (motorcycle rickshaw) around their base in Jl. Captain Muslim.

The presence of Blue Bird taxis in Medan is expected to take part in promoting tourism in the city by providing the best service to the community, as well as opening employment opportunities for the citizens of Medan.

For reservations please call (061) 8461234.

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