Blue Bird Group, the biggest taxi company in the nation has back to back defended their achievement in Service Quality Award 2011.  Blue Bird was able to defend their achievement in the category of Taxi services and Golden Bird was able to defend their achievement in category of Car Rental Services.  This Award ceremony has been organized by the Center Customer for Satisfaction and Loyalty (Carre-CCSL) collaborated with the Service Excellence Magazine.

This is the fourth times Blue Bird Group has received the award since the first time the ceremony has been held in the year of 2008.  From that moment on, Blue Bird Group has got the best predicate.  The ceremony was held at the Mulia Hotel, Jakarta, and was presented by Yuliana Agung, the CEO of Carre-CCSL.  The award was delivered to the Vice President of Operation Blue Bird Group, Mr. Heri Dasril and has been held on Wednesday, May 11th 2011.

This Service Quality Award has been delivered based on the survey from the Indonesian Service Satisfaction Index (ISSI) 2011.  That survey has been done in four different big cities around the nation, such as Jabodetabek, Surabaya, Semarang and Medan.  This survey was conducted by involving more or less 3000 respondent which consists of random sample and booster.  This year, Blue Bird has achieved the Golden Award with the highest Index ISSI 2011 rate of 39,789 and Golden Bird Car Rental has reached the Index rate of 38,857.

Building this Service Quality as mentioned by Ms. Yuliana Agung, the CEO of Carre-CCSL, basically it is just like building a customer centric, for those company whose primary product is service to their customers.  Therefore, what a company needs is laying down on the “Strategy of Totality” which intended to maximize the customer satisfaction and customer loyalty.

Those aspects are much related to Blue Bird’s vision from the beginning of the establishment 39 years ago.  Blue Bird Group always has its mission to be a sustainable company that always prioritizes quality as the fundamental aspect that ensures the continuing prosperity of all of its stakeholders.

Whereas, Blue Bird mission is to have goals to achieve customer satisfaction, and to build and defend the first position as a market leader in every category in which Blue Bird Group compete.  In land transportation, Blue Bird Group provides reliable, high quality and superior services with the efficient use of resources, and Blue Bird Group always doing it as a team.

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