Blue Bird Group has accomplished the 2011 Call Center Award for the fifth consecutive times on the event that has been organized by Carre Center for Customer Satisfaction and Loyalty (Carre-CCSL) and Marketing magazine. The Call Center award commemoration has been held at Balai Sarbini Convention Hall, Jakarta on Thursday the 03rd March 2011.

Blue Bird Group has accomplished the Award for the Category of Taxi services Company. The Award has been delivered by Ms. Yuliana Agung as the CEO of Carre Center for Customer Satisfaction and Loyalty (Carre-CCSL) to Mr. Heri Dasril as the Vice President of the Operational Department. Mr. Rahmat Susanto as the Head of the Editorial of Marketing Magazine has also attended the commemoration.

This yearly ceremony has been held since year 2004. The monitoring has been divided for 17 categories with the “Mistery Caller” grading method for six month period. According to Ms. Yuliana Agung as the CEO of Carre-Center for Customer Satisfaction and Loyalty (Carre-CCSL) illustrated that there has always been additional numbers of new brands every year for 7 years of this commemoration. Every year for this past 3 years the committee has been using different type of methodologies with a certain additional numbers of parameter grading. Benchmark to neighboring countries such as Singapore and Malaysia has also been conducted by the event committee. Since those two countries has been maintaining a good and intents business relation with the Republic of Indonesia. Grading and monitoring for this year event were being done for 6 months. It consists of monitoring the quality of call center in Indonesia by making a “Mystery Call” directly to the customer service of those finalists.

It is a glorious happiness for Blue Bird Group to always be able to present an Excellent Services in every single of those aspects as well as the Call Center Services as the foremost gate of the services to the customers of Blue Bird Group. Therefore for those to who wants to order a fleet whether if it is the premium or the regular one, please keep in mind to always dial an easy memorizable number on your finger tip (021) 79171234 and put it in your speed dial. By pressing those numbers, our Blue Bird Call Center will always be ready to answer your needs instantly and before you know it our driver will be knocking at your door and ready to pick you up. We always ready to arrange your transportation request.

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