Now the people of Manado, as well as visitors to the city can enjoy Blue Bird Group’s special brand of service that is – safe, comfortable, and accessible as well as personalized. As of December 18th 2008, taxi with Blue Bird logo is officially operating in the coastal city; know as Nyiur Melambai (Where the coconut palms wave in the breeze).

Blue Bird taxi’s arrival in the city of Manado is timely in view of the recent fast developments in the regional economy. This has been seen from the numbers of star-rated hotels that have sprung up in Manado and the surrounding area. Apart from the hotel industry, progress can also be seen in the air and in land transportation; especially when Blue Bird Group has finally spread its wings to this tourist enclave on the northern tip of Sulawesi.

Blue Bird Group President Director dr. H. Purnomo Prawiro, explained why the company is expanding its network to the location. ‘By expanding the service’s network of Blue Bird Group, our customers will be able to enjoy the service wherever they wanted to. We aim to make our service more accessible in line with our service philosophy that is – safe, comfortable, and accessible as well as personalized. That concludes all of his purposes.’

Marnalom Hutahaean, head of the North Sulawesi Transportation Agency conveyed a message from the Governor assuring that Blue Bird Group has the agency’s full support in Manado. ‘North Sulawesi is promoting the tourist sector as the leading sector, therefore we are very proud of the presence of Blue Bird taxi in Manado and we are fully supporting it. We have anticipated that the presence of Blue Bird taxi will help to improve the economy of North Sulawesi and will also support the World Ocean Conference (WOC) and the Coral Triangle Initiative (CTI) Summit in May 2009. Convenience and safety should be the main feature of the service and have to be given as its priority,’ said Mr. Hutahaean.

At present time, there are 100 fleets of Blue Bird’s Manados taxi. All of those taxis are available at Hotel Peninsula and also can be ordered by phone or by flagging on the street.

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