Many lives will be saved, as the Paramedics of Ambulans Gawat Darurat (AGD) or the Emergency Ambulance Service learned to use Global Positioning System (GPS) to arrange reservation, give out information and manage fleet distribution for those in need of medical help, in faster and more accurate timing. Mid-August 2009, the team of Ambulans Gawat Darurat (AGD) visited the Head Office of Blue Bird Group in Mampang to survey and studies the use of GPS satellites in the taxi reservation system. Formerly known as Ambulance 118, Ambulans Gawat Darurat (AGD) has been reestablished on 2006, where as the operation has been taken over by the Jakarta Health Office. Since its beginning in 1973, AGD remains as a mainstay in the case of community’s emergency, whether it was an accident on the road or at home. Blue Bird Group strongly supported the AGD’s spirit of improvements. Assistant Manager for the Central-Operation of Blue Bird Group, Mr. Adhi Purwoko, who’s also in charge of the Call Center Department, has delivered his presentation to thirteen Paramedics from AGD. This life-saver team also had their chance to observe how the Blue Bird operators run the Reservation System by using the GPS satellites. (admin)

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