EZPoint - Mission

MyBluebird EZPoint - Mission:

EZPoint Mission will help you collect EZPoints so you can increase your EZPoint Tier/Level and exchange your EZPoints for various attractive prizes on the "Redeem" or "Exchange Points" page. Make sure to complete the missions and collect the EZPoints!

MyBluebird EZPoint - Mission FAQ:

  1. What is EZPoint Mission
    • A feature where you can carry out available missions to get prizes in the form of EZPoints which can be exchanged for prizes and vouchers available on the MyBluebird application according to the terms and conditions that apply

  2. What are the EZPoint mission requirements?
    • You must have a verified MyBluebird account first

  3. Where can I find EZPoint Mission?
    • You can find the EZPoint Mission feature on the EZPoint page which you can access by:
      1. Click the EZPoint menu on the main page
      2. Click "Missions"
      3. Choose the mission you want
  4. Where can I find the terms and conditions for EZPoint Mission?
    • On each Mission page that you choose, there will be terms and conditions for completing the EZPoint Mission

  5. Does EZPoint Mission have a time period?
    • Yes, EZPoint Mission time periods can vary

  6. What is the reward for completing the EZPoint Mission?
    • The prizes you get for completing EZPoint Missions are EZPoints that you can collect and exchange for Vouchers and other prizes available on the MyBluebird application in accordance with the terms and conditions that apply

  7. What is prohibited in EZPoint Mission?
    • Users who commit fraud in completing the EZPoint Mission will not get a prize (EZPoint) from that mission

  8. Why can't I participate in EZPoint Missions or get prizes (EZPoints)?
    • Users who violate the MyBluebird terms & conditions will not be able to participate in EZPoint or claim rewards when completing EZPoint Missions

  9. Where can I see the progress or status of a mission I'm taking on?
    • You can see all the status of the missions you take on the EZPoint Mission page

  10. How long does it take for the EZPoints from the missions I completed to arrive in my account?
    • EZPoints from the missions you complete will go directly to your account as long as availability exists and complete them within the time limit and terms and conditions of the mission