Blue Bird Group received Social Business Award 2012 in Human Resource Development category

Blue Bird Group was awarded in Social Business Innovation Award in Human Resource Development held by Warta Ekonomi. This Award is accepted by Tony Andrianto as Senior Manager Corporate Image Blue Bird Group on July 31th 2012, at J.W. Marriot Hotel. Appeciation of Social Business innovation is a form of  Appreciation for the efforts of innovative companies in building quality communities in both environmental and economic improvements but also capable of changing the social behavior of the society through CSR activities of the company.

“We have CSR program that we proudly named Blue Bird Peduli. This Program is based on education, which a long term investment that result can be felt in the future, to prepare for the next-generation successor to the nation in the facing tough competition in globalization era. “Said Noni Purnomo, Vice President of Business Development.


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