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Back in 1972, well before Jakarta was a cosmopolitan city of 12 million people, the embryo of Blue Bird has been established, then known as Chandra Taksi, a car rental service catering to journalist and other visitors to the country. Before long, the company earned a number of recommendations that helped in applying for a license to operate a taxi company.

The young company’s first goal was to provide quality transportation services non-existent in Jakarta at the same time. Blue Bird became a pioneer to implement the strict use of taximeters and radio communications in air-conditioned vehicles. Several service stations were also set up in Jakarta to support the operations.

From Blue Bird taxis and Golden Bird limousines and car rental, next came Big Bird with its chartered buses and Silver Bird executive taxi. Over the past decade, Blue Bird has seen a rapid expansion in all four business divisions and Blue Bird today is more integrated than ever with services extending thoughout Indonesia.

Building on past experience, Blue Bird has maintained its competitive edge through the development of new technologies and humas resources. From the group’s headquarters in Jakarta, it has built a solid network with customer service as its guiding principle.

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