In the Big Bird Premium Bus, luxury began to be felt as we entered the door to the stairs covered with plush carpet that is not dazzling lighting. The cabin consists of three parts. The first part of the driver and the crew bus, separated by a sliding door, so much privacy. While the center of the cabin, filled only 12 luxury leather seats with a variety of facilities, and meeting rooms are equipped with toilet and kitchen sets.

This chair features, apart wider than average seat size, equipped with a backrest that can be positioned quite bodies fall, the reflections (massages) and leg rest. To position the bench can be positioned more flexible, forward and backward, up and down electrically-driven. Passengers can feel a lying position without disturbing passengers behind. Equipped with a folding table, enough to put a netbook or food and drink, whilst pillows and blankets are provided as standard in the comfort of the bus.

Each seat has an personal to light the lamp located behind the head rest, and a power supply and a USB port to recharge the gadget, so no need to worry about running out of battery and confused. Equipped personalized multi-channel LCD plus headset, contains a wide variety of entertainment, such as movies and video clips.

Interestingly, this electronic device is connected to the GPS Navigation, so that we can know the position where the bus had reached. A first class service ekekutif class aircraft.

During the journey, we can still connect with the outside world, because at this bus available Wi Fi facility.

Looked cabin interior design, we get not only functional, but also featuring luxury. Designed lighting in the cabin bright and cool, blend harmoniously with sweet and minimalist roof design. The roof is also equipped with 15-inch LCD size that can be folded when not in use.

Ruang Meeting & Karaoke

In the third cabin, available space for meetings and entertainment. This space is also segregated sliding doors so that if we were karaoke, do not disturb other passengers were taking a break.

The cabin is in addition equipped with audio video system with 22 inch LCD size, kitchen set with clean water and toilets, and a refrigerator to cool drinks. Kitchen set comes with enough sinks for cleaning utensils and drinking, along with the furniture.

while in the middle there are two long sofa with a small table in the middle , as well as for meetings and karaoke microphone. Each of the cabins on the bus associated with AIPHONE to connect with cabin crew and driver .

The driver and the crew are selected, they are the result of selection of the best bus drivers and crews – and experienced in the fleet of Big Bird. Once accepted, they receive special training on service and product knowledge before entrusted to serve guests as personalize Premium bus .

To travel more than one day , we put 2 drivers and 2 chaperones who in charge of serving the passengers. The chaperones are trained to respond and swiftly to help the passengers , including operating all of the features available on Big Bird Premium bus fleet.

With a variety of luxurious amenities and premium service , the journey is not just a goal , more than that , providing a memorable experience.

For more information about Big Bird Premium Bus and booking , please call us at +6221-7980808

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