“We’re trying to empathize with plunging directly into the driver’s cab, feel how joy and sorrow into woman taxi driver. But honestly, the story of women taxi drivers more joy on the field. Therefore I am trying to own directly,” said Noni.

As for women drivers and customers, on the day we given prepaid credit voucher as discount, as well as payment of a taxi to the Blue Bird Group taxi users are served by a women driver. “If today (21April) there is a passenger who served by our women driver, we given CV Prepaid Rp 50.000,-. So, if the taxi fare in the ritase below Rp 50,000, then the passenger will get free, and can not be asked money back. Meanwhile, if more, then just added advantages, eg cost Rp 70,000 , then just pay the excess passengers Rp 20.000,-. This is only valid today only. Passengers are also free (men/women), not necessarily women,” said Noni SA Purnomo , President Director of Blue Bird Group Holding .
With this program, the driver and passengers was get benefit and convenience. For women drivers themselves operating on that day there is an additional form of shopping vouchers from 7-Eleven.

Noni further explained, Blue Bird Group’s co-founder is a woman, Ibu Mutiara Siti Fatimah Djokosoetono SH. Therefore, since inception we have never questioned gender. “When she was first founded and setting up the Blue Bird Group’s regulation, she was underestimated, because she was a woman. That’s why she is so motivated to prove that women – can take part in the transport services that notoriously hard and dominated by men,” said Noni.

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