“In line with the rise in mobility among residents of large cities in Indonesia, whether to commute to work or elsewhere, the general public needs a means of transportation that is comfortable and easy to access. As such, Danamon and Silver Bird form a partnership to provide a convenient means to order and pay for taxi. With electronic data capture machines installed within the taxi fleet, the user does not need to carry and allocate sufficient cash, as he or she merely need to swipe their credit or debit card to pay the fare, said Michellina Triwardhany,” Consumer Banking Director, Danamon.



This partnership enables Silver Bird taxi users to pay their fares with any Visa, Mastercard, or American Express credit card as well as Danamon debit card. Danamon is the only bank that accepts American Express in Indonesia. Besides in Silver Bird taxies, credit card or debit card users can also pay through Silver Bird’s call center, which will use Danamon’s EDC machines to process the payment.

“This partnership to install EDC machines in Silver Bird taxies is part of our commitment to provide convenience to our customers. We hope that our continuous innovation in banking services, such as internet banking and SMS banking, can provide an added value for our customers, bringing us closer to them,” added Michellina Triwardhany.

Additionally, during the partnership launch period, Danamon customers who perform a minimum of Rp 250,000 in transactions with Silver Bird can exchange their payment slip in Old Town White Coffee outlets in Jakarta with a Rp 50,000 rebate for every food and beverage purchase. This offer is valid until 31 January 2014.


“The use of debit and credit card, such as for taxi fare payment, supports the creation of a cashless society. In line with advancements in technology, transaction through EDC machine has become a fast, easy, secure, and convenient payment alternative,” said Dessy Masri, Executive Vice President, Card Business Head, Danamon.

Meanwhile, according to Sigit P. Djokosoetono, Deputy Director, Blue Bird Group, its company always strives to enhance its service for its customers by providing added convenience, including convenience in the payment process. “We have a motto called ANDAL (Reliable), which stands for Aman (Secure), Nyaman (Convenient), Mudah (Easy), and Personalized,” said Sigit P. Djokosoetono.

‘Mudah’ (Easy), added Sigit, means that it is easy to access and easy to pay. Currently, there are a number of means to pay taxi fares, which are by cash, Blue Bird Group vouchers (corporate or personal), credit card, debit card, XL Tunai in Bali, and, recently, credit and debit cards as well as American Express card for Silver Bird users.

Silver Bird executive taxi service can be found in two big cities, Jakarta and Surabaya. Besides in Jakarta, payment through Danamon EDC service is targeted to reach Surabaya and Bali in 2014.

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