In the evening or late at night, when mass transportation are too crowded and inconvenience, what solution that women have to drive them safely home?

The answer is TAXI.

Private, comfortable and hectic-free, taxi has been women’s favourite choice for their everyday’s mobility. Therefore it’s obvious that Taxi gets an honourable category in this year’s Indonesia’s Most Favourite Women Brand 2010.

And guess which taxi is the favourite?

Just as many have expected, it’s Blue Bird Group.

For its trustworthy services, Blue Bird Group is proud to be chosen as one of Indonesia’s Most Favourite Women Brands 2010. Women values Blue Bird Group for its safety, comfort, convenience armada, as well as friendly and helpful drivers.

The award assessment is based on research conducted by Insight MarkPlus to 1300 women in eight cities in Indonesia and 34% of respondents chose Blue Bird Group taxis as their favourite.

The awarding ceremony took place in the Atrium Sampoerna Strategic Square, Jakarta on Wednesday (21 / 7). Receiving the award is Bintarti A. Yulianto, Vice President of Technical Blue Bird Group.

Emotional and Rational

The research conducted by Insight MarkPlus also shown that Indonesian women are now transforming into a more complete being than men. Why? Because they have the gift to excreted the ‘soft’ and ‘hard’ in a balanced manner. The women who succeed are those that can balance the ‘soft’ emotional side with the ‘hard’ rasional side.

Women is considered to be different from men not only because of the gender factor alone, but also extends to the character, attitude, desire and owned properties. In general, both women and men have their respective characteristics.

Women’s position in Indonesian society are often thought to be dominated by men. As time goes by and development rises, women in Indonesia began to have affirmative action in their social role. Massive flow of information through the media without boundaries has affected women’s lifestyle nowadays. In fact, all the women said that they ‘should’ follow the trend though still need to be adjusted with each individual character.

Though this doesn’t mean taking over the dominance of men, the role of women in Indonesia now are not limited only to family responsibilities such as family financial management, but to decide what should be used by all family members.

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