Company’s achievements on managing customer’s positive emotion have definitely created customers that not only loyal, but also customers that would also promote the company.  Those customers will recommend products or services to others that could satisfy them.

Customers’ satisfaction of services or products can be measured as a tool to measure growth of the company. SWA magazine with Hachiko New Promoter Solution conducted research by using new methodology called the Net Promoter Score (NPS) and Emotional Signature Score (ESS) as their base measurement of survey.  Those methodologies can classify companies that have succeeded in managing their customer’s loyalty.  Awards have been given at the Shangri-la Hotel Jakarta on Thursday evening (27/11).

Blue Bird Group achieved 4,2 % and got the highest score of grading, where as it’s competitor received a minus scores (-9.1%, and -12.8%)  therefore the biggest company in the nation was awarded as the New Promoter Leader of 2011

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