Blue Bird Group scores double awards in the Indonesia’s Most Admired Company (IMAC) Award 2010, Thursday (10/6). On the event held in The Ritz-Carlton Hotel Ballroom, Blue Bird Group excels in two categories: Taxi (Blue Bird) and Car Rental (Golden Bird).

Representing Blue Bird Group, Riyanto Y. Supatmo, Vice President of Human Resources & General Affair receives the award for Taxi category from Handi Irawan, Chairman of Frontier Consulting Group and David Simatupang, Managing Editor of Business Week Magazine. As for Car Rental category, accolade is received by Bintarti, Vice President of Engineering Blue Bird Group.

Receiving such prestigious award as ‘The Best in Building and Managing Corporate Image’ shows the commitment and consistency of Blue Bird Group to enhance Customer Satisfaction and implement it thoroughly to the quality of services and fleets provided to the customers, which consequently makes Blue Bird Group trusted as a market leader in the transportation industry.

IMAC is an annual award held in cooperation of Business Week Magazine and Frontier Consulting Group, and given based on the increasing capability, quality, attractiveness, and corporate social responsibility activities of a company to sustain its corporate image. Survey for IMAC 2010 was conducted on 1800 respondents consisting of journalists, investors, upper and middle class executives and the public as a whole. Measurements were carried out on ten attributes that influence corporate image. The ten attributes then grouped into four dimensions, namely quality, performance, responsibility and appeal. (admin)

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