Blue Bird Group received 2011 Top Brand Award for taxi category. This event has been organized by the Frontier Consulting Group and Marketing Magazine.

Award has been received by Mr. Heri Dasril, the Vice President of Operations Blue Bird Group. This award has been delivered straight from Mr. Handi Irawan as the Chairman of Frontier Consulting Group. This award took place at the Ballroom of Mulia Hotel, Senayan on Friday August 12th 2011.

Frontier Consulting and Marketing Magazine have organized this event for the purpose of giving appreciation for those companies that are able to defend their brand quality as well as success in defending their brand position on customer’s mind.

Blue Bird Taxi achieve total brand index of 56.2% which has been measured from three parameter (Top of Mind Awareness, Last Used, Future Intention) which involving 3,900 of total respondent all at once. This survey had been conducted in six different cities around Indonesia. Those cities are as follows: Jakarta, Bandung, Semarang, Surabaya, Medan, and Makassar. This is the second time that Blue Bird Group has received an award from the same category. Blue Bird Group was the winner in year 2010 and again has been chosen as a winner for the year 2011.

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