Jakarta, December 07th 2011 –  For the second time, Blue Bird Group has stormed the world of science and proven the world as one of the leader in transportation (taxi) industry.  On Wednesday, the company has launched the Taxi mobile Reservation for I-Phone and Android users.  This striking move has been a dedication for Blue Bird Group’s consistency in business innovation by utilizing the latest technology.

Hopefully having launched these two new mobile applications, Blue Bird Group would bring further convenient facility for their customers when ordering a cab.  This time, those facilities were created especially for customers with I-Phone device and Android software.  Taxi ordering with mobile phone will definitely soon be a lifestyle trademark for majority people in Jakarta and surrounding area.

“As a leader in transportation service industry, Blue Bird Group will always overcome a never ending innovation by utilizing the latest technology to create amenity and increase assurance for their customers when order a cab.  Just like this Taxi Mobile Reservation system.” Explained Blue Bird Group’s Vice President of IT and Business Development, Mrs. Noni Purnomo.

When talk about lifestyle there is one instrument that will never be separated, that instrument is called Gadget.  Based on conducted researched, currently there are around 51% of Jakarta people already used gadgets, so they can always be connected to the internet.  Most of them are using the internet to access the mobile content.  There are about 36% of those people are accessing the entertainment content, and around 32% of those people are accessing the lifestyle content.  Those percentages are expected to grow around 30% over the next 5 to 10 years.

Those instruments have always been a reference for Blue Bird Group in conducting business innovation in present and future time where mobile content has became a lifestyle that can’t be separated.  By having 7,200 i-Phone users and 82,500 Android users in Jakarta and surrounding area, Blue Bird Group continues to expand its market share by doing a synergy innovation utilizing the significant amount of fleets that the company has with the latest technology and information system to simplify the facility of ordering taxi.

Meanwhile, according to Blue Bird Group’s Vice President of Central Operation, Mr. Sigit Priawan Djokosoetono, up until now Android, i-Phone, and Blackberry platform are consider the most widely used by the people of Indonesia.  Therefore, customers are able to choose their device freely and still able to connect to Blue Bird Group’s Taxi mobile Reservation system.  “One of the competitive advantages of the Online Reservation System is the built in Digital Map.  It is a built in fleet locator to trace the location of the fleet ordered before arriving at customer’s door step.  Meanwhile, the Taxi Mobile Reservation System can only be enjoyed by Jakarta area customers.  Those users friendly system will soon be available at every business cities around the country.”  Clarified Mr. Sigit Priawan Djokosoetono at the launching event of Blue Bird Group Taxi Mobile Reservation Online System in Jakarta on Wednesday (12 / 07th).

On other angle, President for Intelligent Transportation System of Indonesia (ITS), Mr. Ir. Bambang Susantono MCP MSCe PhD, in separate occasion has expressed his thoughts on the Mobile Reservation System.  Blue Bird Group Taxi Mobile Reservation constitutes as one of ITS implementation in Indonesia.  “Intelligent Transport System (ITS) is a quick, accurate, and efficient transportation application system.  By implementing this system, Blue Bird Group already made a breakthrough in transportation service industry,” explained Mr. Susantono which also served as the Vice Minister of Transportation Department at the launching of Blackberry Online Taxi Reservation System last August.

Now, besides from the App Store or the Android Market, customers with I-phone and Android can easily download the application from Blue Bird Group’s website, www.bluebirdgroup.com, and also from several social media sites such as facebook and twitter.

To ease customer’s needs, Blue Bird Group has also prepared Quick Reader Code (QR) in several of its media advertisement that can be found in their fleets and bookstores around Jakarta area.  By placing device on top of the QR Code and flash it with smartphone’s camera, customers can have the Mobile Reservation System ready in their smartphone by no time.

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