In the midst of taxi chaos that stirs up some time ago in Bali, finally there’s exciting news ascend. Three Bali’s drivers, two of whom are taxi drivers win Bali’s Best Driver 2010, an important award in public transportation organized by Bali Province Transportation, Communications, and Information Office (Dishubkominfo).

The top two champions will be representing Bali for National’s Best Public Transportation Crew Award 2010 in Jakarta. They are first champion Pantes Dwi Wahyudi from Damri and second winner Sugeng Hariono from PT. Praja Bali Transportation or known as Bali Taxi, a subsidiary of Blue Bird Group.

For Sugeng Hariono, achieving an award and representing Bali to the national level is a matter of pride. Especially in the middle of Bali’s taxi chaos that it is today. It means, service and quality remains a major for us in this field, said him at Ngurah Rai Airport cabstand, yesterday.

Other taxi driver, Nyoman Budiasa who won the third also comes from Bali Taxi. This proves that under any circumstances, said Sugeng, taxi drivers always commits to provide the best service.

Sugeng, who has been working as a Taxi driver in Bali for 10 years, admits that this competition is very useful in gaining insight and experience about public transportation services. Various subjects were given during the competition, ranging from how to serve the passengers, safeties in driving, how to drive safely, etc.

He added that becoming driver’s role model requires a lot of hard work, hence that others are also aiming for the best. For example by always obeying the traffic signs and encountering many customers with different languages and characters, in order to add more experience.

Source: Harian Nusa Bali, July 3rd 2010

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