Popular rock music group, Slank, often slips in moral messages through its songs. The group, which has been around for 25 years, boldly speaks out against corruption and all other forms of deception that plague this country through its music, such as Seperti Para Koruptor (Like the Corrupt Officials). Slank believes that to live a simple and peaceful life is far better than living the high life through ill-gotten means. This sentence is also widely known as one of Slank message to convey its fans.

So, what is the connection between Slank and Blue Bird Group taxi? The connection is in the driver.  This reason was expressed by Slank’s leader, the drummer Bimbim Slank, who praises the drivers. “I myself know the caliber of Blue Bird Group’s drivers, because of owned experienced, when a member of my family left something in a taxi and returned to him in total, where nothing was missing. From that experience I have learned that Blue Bird Group drivers are honest,” he told the Mutiara Biru Magazine in between shooting for the film called Generasi Biru (The Blue Generation), Last November 2010.

This statement was also echoed by Slank vocalist Kaka Slank. According to this energetic performer, honestly being a taxi driver is a rare commodity these days. “We can emulate Blue Bird taxi drivers. They will never sell out their value of honesty even with their simple living. I, myself, back when I was started dating my girlfriend, I would always take a Blue Bird taxi when I would go from my home to my girlfriend’s home. The same goes for my girlfriend, wherever she went I would always remind her to take a Blue Bird Taxi, because of its safety. I would often order a taxi by phone from Gang Potlot (Slank’s base location). And it seems the telephone number of Gang Potlot has been well known to the Blue Bird operator,” said Kaka Slank.

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