The City of Heroes adds another sparkling tourism icon by the launching of Silver Bird E-Class premium taxi service, by Vice Mayor of Surabaya, Drs. H. Arif Afandi, M.Si which takes place at Tugu Pahlawan Surabaya, East Java on Tuesday, July 13, 2010.

Being the East Java Province capital, Surabaya is renowned as the second largest seaport and commerce city. In addition to the tourism potential that exists around East Java, Surabaya is projected to be an important transit point city in the future, therefore having various transportation modes is essential.

On a friendly gathering filled with guests and Silver Bird E-Class drivers, Vice Mayor said that inevitably there is a disparity between the supply and demand systems of roads in Surabaya. But on the other hand, he added that the needs for transportation facilities that could serve both the citizens and immigrants desire of a more personalized and premium land transportation services should also be considered.

We, the people of Surabaya are getting more proud of our city, because now there is a premium taxi service here, just like in the capital city of Jakarta. Silver Bird E-Class not only will make Surabaya more Sparkling, but also upgrades our beloved city into the same level as other major cities in the world, he emphasized.

Responding to today’s launching ceremony, H. Arif Afandi, on behalf of the Mayor of Surabaya, also expressed his excitement and hope that Silver Bird E-Class will be able to serve as a role model for transportation owners so that they can also show their concern and support for Surabaya’s tourism activities and not only acts as a mere businessman.

A Support to Surabaya Government Program

Blue Bird Group as Silver Bird service operator has a great deal of concern in contributing to society everywhere, despite having its head quarter in Jakarta. These concerns are not only a mere corporate responsibility, but also a support to government efforts to improve the quality of services and infrastructures provision for its residents.

Our Silver Bird E-Class fleet is the best in its category. Not only from the choice of vehicle units, but also the ability of personnel behind the wheel, the operational support facilities such as GPS and foremost, its guarantee of security. Silver Bird E-Class drivers are able to speak English and we also put a Sparkling Surabaya sticker on one side of the taxi and place informational brochures of tourism sites and maps of Surabaya which can be retrieved and used by passengers. We cooperate with the Tourism Office for this, explains CEO and President Director of Blue Bird Group, dr. H. Purnomo Prawiro, who accompany the Vice Mayor of Surabaya in the event.

Silver Bird E-Class is believed to be able to support the growth of the tourism sector, which has become the second largest source of foreign exchange income in the country. This industry is unique and requires a varied range of support services. Silver Bird E-Class is also expected to act as the spearhead of Sparkling Surabaya, because taxi is regarded as one of the first facilities enjoyed by tourists once they step foot on the city.

Reservations for Silver Bird E-Class in Surabaya can be made by phone to 031-372 1234

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