The launching of the Blue Bird Group Taxi Reservation Center in Kidzania, Pacific Place mall captured the attention of visitors, especially the children. The program was planned in such a unique way that even though it had not yet officially opened, the children had gathered around to try it out during the launching on November 29th.  KidZania is a child-sized replica of a real city, located on the 6thfloor of Pacific Place Mall, South Jakarta, where children learn to “work” and purchased, afterward they are paid with KidZania currency, called the KidZos.

KidZania and Blue Bird Group have planned some educational activities for children that are very enjoyable. The children act out as the role of call center, operator and dispatcher. While acting out, they will learn how to receive and assist taxi orders via telephone.

According to how well they perform when the children finish ”working” they are paid in the official currency of KidZania, as much as 10 KidZos. This money can be used to pay for variety of things, including “Paying for the taxi fares”. Therefore, in this way, the children can take turns to act out as our various professions.

The Blue Bird and Silver Bird Reservation learning Centre and play facility has been made even more attractive with two models of taxi representing regular and executive taxi respectively. The taxis appealed to the children because they were so unique and cute and as the taxis ”drove” back and forth along the streets of Kidzania city, the children gathered around to watch. One taxi can accommodate three children as its “Passengers” as well as one for its “driver”.

The goal of the children’s taxi reservation center which has been set up by Blue Bird Group and KidZania is to introduce to the children how to use taxi services from door to door, as well as to familiarize the children with Blue Bird Group services, in view of the fact that there are plenty of other taxi companies that look similar to Blue Bird Group taxis therefore the children will be very familiar and can notice the differences.

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