Honesty, Discipline, and Hard work have finally reached its result, by achieving an award of The Best Champion in Semarang Service Excellent Award 2011 for taxi category which has been organized by Mark Plus Inc. This is a result of hard work for every employee and driver of Blue Bird taxi in Semarang. The award took place at the Krakatau Ball Room of Hotel Horizon on Thursday, May 19th 2011.  This award has been delivered from the Founder and the CEO of Markplus Inc, Mr. Hermawan Kertajaya to the General Manager of Blue Bird Group Semarang Mr. Victor.

In order to achieve the predicate of the Best Champion, there are some criteria of survey and grading that had been done, such as the Pre Purchase (How simple is the ordering system in order to get the taxi in front door), Purchase (Improvement of service from the driver side and the vehicle) and Post Purchase (Follow up complain and customer input).  Besides all of those criteria, the full support from all of the Hotels and public places around Semarang which has been working with Blue Bird Group are affecting the grading.  Those supports have been given to Blue Bird Group Semarang since Blue Bird Group has always given their positive contribution in servicing their customers.

In this opportunity Mr. Hermawan Kertajaya says that this survey has been conducted by using more than 1000 respondent of Semarang people with so many different kind of background.  The survey was started on March until April 2011.  During those one whole month, people can choose which taxi company that they think have given their best service.  Therefore the award would be more objective and the award would only be given to those company that have given their best service to the people of Semarang,” according to Mr. Kertajaya.

By achieving the Service Excellence Award 2011, Blue Bird Group are being expected to present more motivation, therefore the company could present more work with added value in the near future, by always holding on to the motto of ANDAL (Aman: Safe, Nyaman: Comfort, Mudah: Ease, and Personalize: Personalize).  Moreover, Blue Bird Group are being expected to always relate their work with their Mission  and to always maximize it’s orientation on customer satisfaction.

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