Tuesday, July 19th 2011, Blue Bird Group Taxi has repeatedly achieved the Indonesia Best Brand Award (IBBA) from MARS Research Institute and SWA Magazine for the winner in Best Brand in the category of Taxi or Fleet Business.

Mr. Heri Dasril, the Vice President of Operational Blue Bird Group received the award from the Editorial Head of SWA Magazine him self, Mr. Kemal E Gani.  Along with Mr. Gani, Mr. Aston Subroto also attended the delivery of the Award.  The award took place at the Shangri – La Hotel Jakarta, Indonesia.

Brand rating was based on the survey that has been held at 7 different cities around Indonesia, those cities are: Jakarta, Bandung, Semarang, Surabaya, Medan, Makassar, and Banjarmasin.  Those surveys were involving around 5,257 respondents which consist of 2,693 group of household respondent and 2,665 group of personal respondent.

Brand rating were based on 6 (Six) main vaiables on the survey that has been done to those respondents.  Those 6 (Six) variables  are: Brand Awareness (For Most Popular Brand), Ad Awareness (For Most Popular Advertising), Brand Value, Satisfaction & Loyality Index, Market Segmentation, and Gain Index.  By using these variables as the approaching technique, a universal strong brand standard has been found, it is a set of standard that can reflect the real brand performance.

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