After Medan and Bandung, now Blue Bird taxi Semarang awarded as “The Best of Semarang Service Excellent Champion” category of Taxi Operators in the event Semarang Service Excellence Award 2012 (SSEA) held on December 20, 2012 at Hotel Horison Semarang. The awards received by Nurwijaya, Head of Operations Pool Semarang.

Taufik, Chief Insight Officer Markplus explained the purpose of the award, which is to build awareness of the company to increase capacity to serve customers. “The competition of the business world in the future likely will be intense with the entry of foreign investors into Semarang has proven marketing capabilities,” said Taufik.

Taufik also explained that the survey was conducted in the period October-November 2012 and took the 1,000 respondents from all classes with the specified criteria. From 7 taxi operators in Semarang, Blue Bird won this prestigious award in Semarang.

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