Wednesday, December 14th 2011, Blue Bird Group received a Business Record from Tera Foundation and Seputar Indonesia Daily News for the first Taxi Company that has implemented Online and Real-time Taxi Reservation system for Blackberry Application.
Mr. Sigit Priawan Djokosoetono as the President for the Central Operation of the Company received the Award on the Recognition Night of Business Record in Mulia Hotel, Jakarta Indonesia.  Appreciation and recognition for the Business Record achievement have been delivered for business entities that have make innovations worthwhile for their business world and societies.  This Mobile Application has been created by Blue Bird to ease customer’s needs in ordering cab.  This application especially targeted for customers with Blackberry smart phone.  Blue Bird Group has created a user’s friendly application that would increase their time efficiency by not having to dial phone numbers and also by not having to hassle waiting in line to talk to the taxi reservation operator.  Monitoring fleets position before reaching the pick up point by using latest technology of GPS is another competitive advantage that can be provided from this application.
The Chairman Jury of Business Record, Mr. Eliezer Hernawan Hardjo pointed out that this award constitutes as the highest appreciation of achievement for a company either through market research result, secondary data, media publication, and as well as through the jury result therefore objectivity and reliability of the award can be accountable.

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