Blue Bird Group’s Bali Taxi was awarded for “The Best Public Transportation and Tourism Service for year 2011.”  This award was delivered during Bali International Customer Satisfaction Award on Sunday, December 18th 2011 at Aerowisata Sanur Beach Hotel.  This event was attended by Provincial Government Official of Denpasar Bali, Regional parliaments of Denpasar Bali, and Representative Consulate from several Countries.

Bali International Customers Satisfaction Award 2011 considered as an award ceremony for those companies who have delivered the best public service in Bali all through the year.  Awards that have been delivered consider as an appreciation for every brand that have given their outstanding performance all through the year of 2011 in Bali area.  Survey was conducted toward several different brand categories by a group of institutions which was involving several respondents directly that have been scattered through out Bali.  This type of survey was being done especially to generate a very accurate result.  Survey results have been aimed specifically for public transportation’s services customers that were conducted on March 2011 and resulted the best five companies from each category which was nominated.

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