EZPoint - Redeem Reward

EZPoint Rewards

The EZPoint that you collect from each transaction can be exchanged for various prizes ranging from Vouchers, Coupons, Physical/Digital Prizes, additional EZPoint and other prizes on the EZPoint page "Swap Points". You are free to choose a prize to be exchanged with your EZPoint as long as the EZPoint nominal is sufficient and you have fulfilled the terms and conditions that apply. Be sure to:

  1. Make sure your account has complete personal data that has been verified by the MyBluebird system so you can take part in the EZPoint program and get EZPoint from each of your transactions
  2. Make sure you have enough EZPoint nominal to exchange EZPoint for prizes provided by Bluebird if supplies are still available and in accordance with the terms & conditions that apply to every prize

MyBluebird EZPoint Rewards - FAQs:

  1. What are EZPoint Rewards?
    • A collection of prizes provided by Bluebird for EZPoint users. MyBluebird EZPoint users can exchange their points for prizes that are still available and in accordance with the terms & conditions that apply

  2. What do I need to do to earn EZPoint Rewards
    • All you have to do is exchange the EZPoints that you have collected for prizes that are available on the "Rewards" page according to your choice

  3. What are the prizes in EZPoint Reward?
    • There are various kinds of prizes provided by Bluebird such as vouchers, coupons, physical/digital prizes, additional EZPoints and many more

  4. How to convert EZPoints into Rewards?
    • Open the MyBluebird application then click the "EZPoint" section in the main menu or click "Account" then click "EZPoint" which will take you to the special EZPoint page
    • On the EZPoint page, you can see the "Redeem" or "Exchange Points" section
    • In the "Redeem" or "Exchange Points" section you can view and select all prizes based on the category you want
    • The terms & conditions of each prize will differ from one another. Make sure to read and understand the terms & conditions listed

  5. Can EZPoint Rewards be forfeited?
    • Each prize has different terms & conditions and usage/exchange time limits. Make sure to always check the usage/exchange time limit for each gift that you have exchanged