Ondel-Ondel, Delman and Abang None Make a Scene at Blue Bird Group HQ

A sunny Saturday morning (3/7), at its Headquarter in Mampang Jakarta, Blue Bird Group is holding a special celebration. There are Delman, or Betawi’s traditional gig, lining up at the entrance gate decorated with Ondel-Ondel. These unique gigs’ upper carriage lid is installed with taxi crown of Pusaka and Blue Bird and their horses are also dressed up with the corporate logos. Georgeus pairs of Abang None are also present with warm welcome. Even Jakarta’s Governor Fauzi Bowo is scheduled to come at this event. Is there another Taxi Launching in?

Nope, you got it wrong. All these special arrangements are meant for one sole purpose: to welcome the ‘Penganten Sunat’, a Betawi term for the Blue Bird Group drivers children who will be circumcised. Before circumcision procession, it’s a Betawi’s custom to treat boys like kings to boost their confidence and make them fearless.

The Blue Bird Group’s Betawi-style Circumcision event features Gambang Kromong, Delman parade, Tanjidor and Betawi’s delicacies such as kerak telor, ketupat sayur, semur jengkol, etc. This initial event is also a means of Blue Bird Group to celebrate 483th Jakarta’s Anniversary. That’s why Jakarta’s Governor Fauzi Bowo puts this event on his busy agenda and comes to see the procession.

When the Governor arrives in the parking lot lobby, firecrackers welcome him with a blasting sound, followed by Tanjidor music group which consists of brass horns and portable drums. A Marawis group with tambourines follows the Governor while he shakes hands with Board of Directors.

Following the procession event by event, The Governor gleams with enthusiasm. In his speech, he conveys his appreciation for the role of Blue Bird Group to preserve Betawi’s arts and culture.

”Corporates have enormous contribution in maintaining Betawi culture. I am very pleased to know that Blue Bird is contributing much care to preserve Betawi culture. Though the truth is, well, in the past, Penganten Sunat is not parading with delman, but just held riding in a horseless carriage around the neighbourhood, this event has brought cheer for our children, especially for the circumcised boy. It makes him feel comforted and not afraid to undergo a circumcision. Held a culture that brings good thing and discard the bad one. I hope next year this event could become annual to celebrate Jakarta’s Anniversary.”

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