This activity is part of Blue Bird Group’s monthly routine activity for Tour of Kids program which always been supported by Blue Bird Group Peduli (Blue Bird Group Care).

By using two of Big Bird busses, children with ages from 7 years old up to 13 years old were leaving from Syair office located at Bendungan Hilir, Central of Jakarta, this time they were traveling to see the planet auditorium supervised by volunteers teachers  from Syair.Org as well as the their caretakers.  Several people who were involves were some regular people and artist, such as Diana Indrani, Rissa Soesmex, Benny Rachmadin, Citra Ratih, Ummu Assegaf, and Elsa Berlanda.

This planet auditorium field trip is expected to give additional knowledge about earth solar system as well as their astronomy knowledge in order to support their school activities.

They look very excited and very fresh while watching the show.  Cheer and applause fulfill the whole auditorium area where the show took place.

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