Sunday, 29 April 2012 – Noni Purnomo (VP Business Development) has inaugurated two docks that connecting between  Pejaten Timur – Kampung Condet Bale Kambang  and upgrading a boat that called “Eretan”. Both docks symbolize as the support of Blue Bird Group to developing Ciliwung river. The Deputy Governor of Jakarta (Tourism Department), Sukesti Martono attended on the ceremony also Head of BPLHD, Muhammad Tauhid.

Once before, “Eretan” was the alternative choice in transportation in Ciliwung river to connecting the people around who have activity between South and East Jakarta. However, they do not have any convenient spot to transit. Therefore the docks was expected to make the people who using “eretan” comfortable for transit.

In the east area located a school of nature called by Ciliwung National Park. As a symbolize to support their program, Blue Bird Group also contributed to donating some school equipment for the children event at National Park on last Sunday. Started from two docks Blue Bird Group wish to continue to participating in Ciliwung program to prevent their main issue.

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