Blue Bird Group extroversion conducted a ceremony for delivering 768 children scholarship program. This scholarship program directed for qualified employees with children entering high school and university. This ceremony took place at Blue Bird Group Head office on Saturday May 07th 2011.

This Extroversion program has been established based on the awareness of children education as the next generation which plays a critical role in shaping a better future for the country as well as play a critical role in creating a better looking of national economic growth. This program is a symbol of company’s responsibility on the stakeholder’s prosperity, specifically on the educational aspect which aligns with corporate vision and mission.

There were several categories that scholarships were being delivered, such: General scholarship aid starting from Public High School and Vocational secondary school, Associate Degree University, up until Bachelor Degree University, Special scholarship, for less fortunate children or children with special handling, as well as foster children of Blue Bird Group. They are the children of blue Bird Group’s driver and staffs that already passed away during their service time.

In her speech, Mrs. Noni Purnomo, the Coordinator of Blue Bird Group Extroversion Program stated that on the first semester, Blue Bird Group extroversion program has deliver around IDR. 1.018.459.750,- for social activity and has been transformed into several packages such as scholarship, therapy and instrument assistant for people who require the aid and natural disaster aid for internal and external corporation. The biggest budget is still intended for educational scholarship.

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