The value of scholarships for children of drivers and staff has been raised by 50 percent in the first semester of 2009.

Blue Bird Group has once again has demonstrated its commitment to the education of Indonesia’s future generations, in particular for the children of drivers and staff at the senior high school, diploma and university level. In the first semester of 2009, through its program Blue Bird Peduli (Blue Bird Cares), the company raised the value of scholarships by 50 percent. If the amount is calculated, combining the payment per semester and the bonus for those who are high achievers, in particular for the diploma and university level, the total per student amounts to Rp 1.8 million.

Coordinator of the Blue Bird Peduli Program, Noni S.A. Purnomo, emphasized that the increase in the value of the scholarship was not because the company was enjoying greater profits, but rather it was because of the company’s concern for the welfare of the drivers and staff, specifically for their children’s education. “The increase is because of the company’s concern about the existing problems, not because the company is currently making great profits, because we are all aware that the level of competition is becoming more and more challenging over time,” said Noni in her address to the scholarship recipients and their families.

Noni also reported a dramatic growth in the number of scholarship recipients since Blue Bird Peduli launched the program in 2001. In the year 2000, when Blue Bird Peduli announced the program around 75 students received scholarships for diploma and university. The number jumped in 2001 to 358 for high school, diploma and university students, an increase of 400 percent! In 2008 a total of 891 students received scholarships and there is a strong indication that the number will break through the 900 mark this year. Just imagine, if you count all the scholarships, they total more than 4,000,” said Noni enthusiastically. The audience of scholarship recipients and their parents responded by applauding loudly.

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