The results of this collaborative effort is the creation, publication and promotion of a poster which will undoubtedly carry many happy memories and images of Jakarta to every corner of the globe. A must-have for every resident or visitor to this vibrant city.

In doing so, and more seriously, the project also hopes to generate significant donations from the people wishing to own the poster and a real opportunity to help Jakarta’s poorest children suffering from Cancer.

Of course, sometimes getting an idea from the drawing board to reality is a truly daunting proposition and quite a different story, but with the Jakarta Poster. The project was lucky enough to be able to share the project ideas and its vision with four of the city’s most forward looking businesses.

Their support and enthusiasm have been the cornerstone in making the project happen. These companies are of course the Founding Sponsores. Blue Bird Group, CCAmatil, Alied Pickfords and the Mandarin Oriental Hotel Jakarta.

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