In order to welcome the Ramadhan, Blue Bird Group held a blood donor action and “Buka Puasa” with the medias, the orphans, disadvantaged childrens, and the communities, by carrying “Night at Museum” theme. This event is a part of the social care of Blue Bird Peduli. “Museum become one of our choice for this event, it’s somewhat unique because it is rarely used as a museum held an event in the night,” Noni Purnomo as Vice President of Business Development Blue Bird Group said in her speech at the Transportation Museum, Taman Mini Indonesia Indah.

Not only “Buka Puasa”, Blue Bird Group also organized a blood donor action that aims to help ‘Palang Merah Indonesia’ (PMI). “In addition to helping people in need, these activities are also organized to campaign for the public that blood donation during the Ramadhan is not caused dangerous and do not breaking the fast,” said Noni.

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